Red Light Sanctuary

In April 2016, Lady Galore, founder of Drag Queens United, organised a Lip dub Video shoot in Club NYX in Amsterdam. She brought together over fifty fem queens, Butch girls, bears, trans, leather boys, drag queens, trans, twinks, jocks and bi’s from all corners of the Benelux.

This series of photographs are the first glimpses of the the Amsterdam LGBT community and through that red light sanctuary, they intensify that position as a voyeur, as an outsider looking in. Red Light Sanctuary explores the concepts of belonging and safe places in Amsterdam by transforming a nightclub, with its many memories, into a very different type of safe space: a red light window of De Wallen.

The women photographed represent a full spectrum of experiences and personalities, from those that have dressed in drag for the first time, to the seasoned club veterans.

Placing them in a fresh context carries with it everything Amsterdam’s red lights represent, but equally allows the subjects the freedom to explore their own secret ambitions and desires as if they were a Cinderella of De Wallen for a single night.